We’re back

It’s been a while. We lost momentum on this blog, and created another one about our 5 months in Copenhagen.


That one dried up in October, as the cold closed in and we moved house a lot of times, then ultimately packed up everything and came back to 148. And how happy we were. Europe is great, but home is just better when you’ve been gone for half a year.

Never having been a summer enthusiast, I have wallowed in warmth this year.

Now it’s already April, and the girls are camping with their Dad, and this is the month that the only male who lives at 148 reaches his half-century.



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Holidays: a child’s view

hi, i am the creator of this websites daughter.

I am eight years old and my name is Maeve .

I am really enjoying living at this house! One of the best things is our city view! We get to see the fireworks on new years eve! Right now it is the school summer holidays. We are quite busy getting hair cuts ,getting back to school supplies and having people over, but surprisingly it is doesn’t feel like we are utterly exhausted at the end of the day. We are also looking forward to a 2 week holiday in kennet river.

We will have boogie boarding and fish and chips! My Mums friend Sarah is up there too and surprisingly her house is across the road from ours! I’m sure we will have lots of fun up there! I will also get my own room  there too!

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Summer Holidays

In summer, there is time to experiment with a blog, read books and go swimming. This is my first attempt at the blog part, being well on the way with reading and swimming.

Next month, we will have been living in this house for 3 years. We still have a view from our back deck, but by the end of the month we will know if the developers who bought the block behind us will build it out. If they do, we will no longer see the weather roll in, the fireworks on new year’s eve, the glare of lights from the MCG in football season and the many different ways the world makes a sunset.  Those things probably don’t matter to VTAC, but they matter a lot to us.

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